Radhika Madan‘s way of working out is better than ours. On Wednesday, Radhika splashed a plethora of colours of Instagram with a picture of herself working out. Courtesy – her chosen location to perform the Surya Namaskar position.

Radhika Madan went off to a picturesque location, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city life and took some time out to have a moment with herself, nature and her fitness routine. Radhika is a fitness enthusiast and the slew of pictures and videos on her Instagram profile stands witness to the same.

In the picture, recently shared by Radhika on the photo-sharing application, the actor can be seen standing on a huge rock and balancing her body, which is placed in the middle of a flowing stream. Radhika stood in the position with her one foot positioned near to her other knee, and her hands folded in the Namaskar position and placed above her head. She balanced her entire body on her one foot, on the rock.

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Radhika Madan‘s backdrop in the picture is also note-worthy. The mountains and greenery lined her background, but what stood out the most was the rainbow above her head that made the picture much more beautiful. We just can’t stop staring at Radhika in the picture. Dressed in a maroon cropped top and denim mid-thigh dungarees, Radhika aced the yoga position to perfection. Take a look at her picture here:


The Surya Namaskar position, as performed by Radhika in the pictures, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in shedding the extra fat and strengthening the joints and the muscles. It also helps in regulation of sleep and digestion. When incorporated in the daily fitness routine, Surya Namaskar stretches the spine and abdominal muscles and helps in regularisation of menstruation and complexion.

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